Daniel Askill
The Videos
2003 – 2021

An immersive

Pinto Leite
May 19-23

A collaboration over 18-years in the making, SIA and director DANIEL ASKILL's audio/visual works have been viewed over two billion times, nominated for countless awards and not-so-quietly revolutionised the way we see both sound and vision as one.

'Sia+Daniel Askill: The Videos 2003-2021' is an immersive retrospective breaking down the pairs' complete video works to date, as well as a bespoke visual interlude created by Daniel Askill exclusively for the exhibition. These pieces, including GRAMMY-nominated video for 'Chandelier' (featuring renowned dancer and actress Maddy Ziegler) 'Alive' and 'Elastic Heart' chart Sia's rise from indie darling to global musical icon, as well as Askill's journey in becoming one of the world’s most influential music video and commercial directors of our time.

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“I've got thick skin and an elastic heart”

Daniel Askill

Director, Writer

Daniel Askill is an Australian-born filmmaker and visual artist based in New York City. His work is most often seen through explorations of film, video installation, music videos and commercials.

Between his solo work and that of Collider (the production company he founded in 2001), Askill has worked closely with iconic brands and artists including Alexander McQueen, Apple, Paul McCartney, Nowness, Acne Studios and long-time collaborator Sia to redefine the visual texture of pop-culture today. With Sia, Askill's videos have been viewed over two billion+ times on YouTube, while her 2017 Coachella performance (which he directed) was described as 'One of the great moments in Coachella history.'

Photo: Kathy Ryan (NYTimes)


Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Director

Sia Furler is an Australian-born singer, songwriter, producer, actress and director based in Los Angeles, California.

Sia's prolific solo career has seen the release of nine studio albums, six live albums, 38 singles and 42 music videos and countless awards; as a songwriter, she has written and performed on dozens of recordings for the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, David Guetta and BTS. She is largely considered one of the most in-demand and influential songwriters today, while her provocative music videos and performances have redefined how artists present themselves in today's music landscape.

An immersive

18 years in
the making

“I found solace in the strangest place”

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Sia and Daniel Askill: The Videos 2003-2021 is an immersive installation that will live and breathe inside the hallowed walls of the Pinto Leite, a palace sitting high above the city of Porto, Portugal.

Entry to the installation is free, however to ensure the safety and security of our guests, patrons will be required to register for a limited number of tickets to each session. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 6 people per session.

Getting there

Pinto Leite can be found at
Rua da Maternidade 13, 4050-369 Porto, Portugal


The closest bus stop is Maternidade via bus no. 602. Bus no. 300 and 301 also stop within 300 metres of the installation.


Pinto Leite is a 1.8km, approximately 23-minute walk from the São Bento Railway Station.

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